Back Tax Solutions

If you're experiencing tax problems, BlackFin Tax Accountants can find a permanent solution that will stop the tax notices and intimidating letters from the IRS. Our tax professionals have a wealth of experience and insight on back taxes and we'll put that knowledge to work for you. We'll execute a plan of action to file your delinquent tax returns so you can make a fresh start. Request a free consultation now, click here, to get the tax help you need from a tax accountant you can trust.

What if Your Business Owes Back Taxes?

The IRS can contact your customers or clients informing them that you owe taxes to the IRS and instruct them to pay any money they owe to you directly to the IRS. The IRS can hit your small business with penalties, place leins on your assets, use a levy to seize property, or even threaten to criminally prosecute you in an effort to pay the tax debt.

Delinquent Tax Return Preparation

If you owe back taxes, penalties, and interest we can help you gather all of your documentation and get up to date with the IRS. Once you're all caught up on filing your back taxes BlackFin Tax Accountants will provide you a solid plan to keep you on track and up-to-date on all future tax filings.